Нашел своё сочинение по английскому языку в 11 классе... 1996 год! 😉
Очень смешно!

Graffiti Art is a very good exponent of feeling and ideas of young people.

We have to say that man has always scribbled and drawn on walls, for example
prehistoric man used to use his wall paintings as way of communicating; and
nowadays we have the same situation.

Young people want to show their opinion about different problems, but they
don't have many opportunities to do it. In our country we do not have many
youth clubs, where different teenagers can discuss their problems, so Graffiti
Art is the best way of solving the problem.

Diffirent people have different opinions about Grafitti Art or graff to use
its slang. Some people think that this is real Art and some people think that
this is real vandlizm. To solve this problem we have at first to think about
the definition of word «Art». In the Soviet Encyclopedic Dictionary we can
read that Art is some artistic forms, showing reality. So, we can draw a
conclusion that graff is an Art, and the Art of common people, the Art of
youth culture, because graffiti artists want to show their ideas about our
reality, about our life. But we can't forget about the way of making this Art.
Graffiti Artist make their masterpieces with the help of aerosol or markers on
every wall they can find. And we don't get satisfaction from reading and then
wiping off diffirent slogans and messages in our entrances with the

I suppose, we have to give special walls to Graffiti Artists and then only
prevent them from scribbling in other places. The best example of such method
is the wall of Victor Coy in Arbat.

At the end I have to say that not so long ago there was an International
Festival of drawing on the ground with the help of diffirent chalks. Were all
the members of this Festival vandalz? I suppose, they were not.